• como o coronavírus vai influenciar a cultura pop
  • a crown for a king: tobio kageyama
  • cancelling: contrapoints
  • cringe: contrapoints
  • sherlock: how to film thought (currently unavailable)
  • harry potter & the prisoner of azkaban: why it's the best
  • togashi’s trans characters
  • the ultimate motivation in haikyuu
  • o algoritmo da imagem


  • don’t cry for mitski
  • the secret oral history of bennington: the 1980s' most decadent college
  • why did naoko takeuchi nearly call off her own wedding?
  • liberdade, por carlos marighella
  • jean-luc godard - cine-tract 23
  • david bowie advice to young creatives


  • a close reading of the chilling prologue of donna tartt’s the secret history
  • your elusive creative genius: tedtalk by elizabeth gilbert
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