this is a rather small list of fav stories that i've read throughout the fandoms that i've been part of. i'll carry them with me forever.

crossfire by kittebasu

  • pairing: miyuki kazuya/sawamura eijun
  • fandom: daiya no ace
  • summary: kazuya tries to put together a future he can live with, and sawamura’s right there to make a mess of it.

children of the storm by ink-and-stars

  • pairing: park chanyeol/byun baekhyun
  • fandom: exo
  • summary: most people his age had already given up their mermaid dreams, but chanyeol had always been different. [...]

where your loyalties lie by writingfromtheshadows

  • pairing: dazai/chuuya
  • fandom: bungou stray dogs
  • summary: loyalty is the foundation of the yakuza code, something that was drilled into chuuya at an early age. however, his lessons did not cover how to manage a political marriage with his organization's oldest rival.

don't you ever tame your demons by writingfromtheshadows

  • pairing: dazai/chuuya
  • fandom: bungou stray dogs
  • summary: [...] chuuya has never known a life outside of the routine he's forced to follow, but when the boss of yokohama's port mafia offers him a chance of freedom, chuuya is not prepared for the rebellion he's stumbling into.

when you come home by pressforward

  • pairing: leorio paladiknight/kurapika
  • fandom: hunter x hunter
  • summary: after the events of dark continent and another disappearing act, kurapika shows up on leorio’s doorstep with no explanation and a simple request: to help him bury the remains of his family.

two-step by choir

  • pairing: dazai/chuuya
  • fandom: bungou stray dogs
  • summary: something in dazai snaps. it bubbles up in his chest, overwhelming him in an instant. something that he knows to exist yet has never felt himself; something that only has one name. alternatively: dazai says i love you.

cheers to the tin man by pixim

  • pairing: asagiri gen/ishigami senkuu
  • fandom: dr. stone
  • summary: "another question for you, senkuu-chan," gen says, still smiling but it's happier now. mirthful. "what would you do if i kissed you? right now?"
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