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people see rock and roll as, as youth culture, and when youth culture becomes monopolised by big business, what are the youth to do? do you, do you have any idea? i think we should destroy the bogus capitalist process that is destroying youth culture.

rodrigo books (my whishlist)
2020 (films watched)
érica. to do (coreographys.)
@nerdywoo CHANBAEK (eng ver)
Danie animes (2020 watched list)

note: this ♡ means how much i liked

  • kyungsoo x jongin
    • (exo)

my fav fics

  • smells like teen spirit; slice of life,highschool!au, top!soo, nerd!soo, popular!ji
    • warning: drug use; homophobia; underage drinking;
  • urinal; slice of life, badboy!ji, innocent!soo, 50s america!au
    • warning: sexual assault, abduction
      • (not by the main couple)
  • goodbye summer; fluffy/angst, friends to lovers!au, child to adult!au, mostly childhood, jongin is jealous about chansoo friendship

fluffy/happy stories

  • a best friend's confession; highschool!au, slight of angst, blind n insecure!soo, ji is too coward to confess his love ♡♡♡
  • truth or dare; ; slice of life, friends to lovers!au, child to adult, they play truth or dare during their grown up ♡
    • warning: brief mentions of alcohol abuse
  • do you like my sweater; highschool!au, ji is going to ask soo to school dance ♡
  • in bloom; strangers to lovers!au, accountant!soo, florist!ji, shy!ji, they're truly punk nerds, ji secretly sends flowers to soo ♡♡♡
  • first meetings college!au, slice of life, first encounters, ji takes a picture with flash of soo
  • the lines and spaces between us architect!ji, soo is his client and in love w him since highschool, ji is afraid of loving soo ♡♡
    • warning: homophobia, minor character death
  • pleased to meat you; butcher!ji, mayor's son!soo, soo keeps visiting ji, slight of rich/poor!au
  • p.s. you're cute; college!au, tinder match, ji accidentally swipes to the right ♡♡
    • on-going

angst/sad stories

  • after the rain; distopia!au, rich!soo, poor!ji, angst w a happy ending, soo's family is corrupted but he's not, soo becomes a hostage of the rebels n ji is assigned to guard soo ♡♡
    • warning: violence, torture, minor character death
  • for better or for worse; homeless!au, angst w a happy ending, soo is kicked out of home for being gay, they keep together no matter what ♡♡♡
    • warning: mentions of homophobia n panic attacks
  • project partners; highschool!au, popular!ji, soo gets bullied for being openly gay, kaisoo becomes partners to a project♡
    • warning: bullying, homophobia, violence, main character death
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