Date Days

  • Spring
    • The day would start with Korbin and I making blueberry pancakes in the kitchen with strawberries on the side and a glass of chilled ice to wash it all down. Then we'd go out for a walk in the park, find a nice hill where the breeze is prime and there's a nice view of the clouds and we'd be picking out the shapes for a few hours. We'd end up cuddling up on the hill and falling asleep like that for a while longer while the air washed over us and the birds twittered in the background. After that, we'd take a walk home, make dinner - possibly something subtle tasting and ethnic like chicken teriyaki - and feed each other and talk about silly things. We'd go outside after eating was done, sit on the terrace, and just watch the stars for the rest of the night.
    • Waking up to the smell of Earl Grey tea prepared for me by my Korbin. I'd turn over and notice that he'd brought a small tray with it, a couple of pieces of toast, a pair of tiger lilies in a vase, and a love note. Nothing special needs to really come after that. I just love that idea in general.
  • Summer
    • The day would start with me making some stuffed french toast or possibly scotch eggs for my Korbin while I had one of the muffins I made the day before. Then we'd make some sandwiches and salad, pack it into a picnic basket, and get in our sunwear to go to the beach. When we got there, it would be deserted and we'd immediately get in our swimwear and run on into the water. A lot of dunking and spashing would take place until we got tired and hungry. Then we'd go back to shore, eat lunch, and lay on our beach towels, soaking in the sun. Except he'd be kind of dying seeing as he and the sun aren't really on speaking terms. So, I'd end up chasing him around with sun screen because he won't put it on himself and I know he needs it. After all of that was done and we were tired of the sun, sand, and water, we'd walk to an ice cream place where I'd get a double-scoop ice cream cone - one chocolate and almonds and the other mint chocolate chips - and he'd get moose tracks and chocolate chip cookie dough. Then we'd walk all the rest of the way home holding hands.
    • At around the fourth of july, Korbin and I would go with a group of his friends and my friends to have a barbecue near a lake. We'd laugh and talk about random things over hamburgers, hotdogs, and grilled corn on the cob. Then, when night came, we'd pull the blankets out of the back of the truck and lay them out on the grass. We'd lay down, side by side, and watch as the fireworks lit up the sky. Though I know that laying beside him would distract me from watching them at all. I'd probably just turn over on my side and cuddle up to him until it was time to go home. Which is perfectly fine with me.
  • Autumn
    • The day would start with the two of us eating some freshly made oatmeal with walnuts and raisins. We'd be sitting in the kitchen, talking about things, and then we'd go to the park near our house. Korby and I would sit on that cute little swing bench that they have and we'd take turns reading to each other. Then we'd cuddle up in the chill and make goo-goo eyes until it reached sunset. We'd go home, get changed, and go off to a jazz club to cap off the night. Maybe do some dancing there or drink some wine.
    • First, I'd love to wake up to the sensation of him stroking my cheek with his thumb the way he does and maybe a little peck on the lips. Then, when we were all awake and ready to go, we'd get dressed and head over to the carnival that was in town. We'd ride all of the roller coasters and high rides - struggling to get our balance back after every go. Then I'd spend a lot of time pointing out stuffed animals and getting him to win them for me. He'd end up getting some sort of horrendous carnival food that I don't like and force it on me anyway. But I'd pretend to like it if I still didn't by this time. And, after a lot of tugging and pouting, convince him to take me on the ferris wheel once the sun sets. Then we could see the entire park lit up in the night. And we'd cuddle in the capsule until it went around and we decided to drive on home.
  • Winter
    • We'd start off the day drinking hot chocolate with mini marshmallows. Korby and I would go outside and have a snowball fight for a few hours. Then we'd come back in and cuddle up, watching cheesy holiday shows and listening to holiday music.
  • General/Any Season
    • Just sleeping. Skip work, skip hanging out. Just blow it all off and cuddle the whole day long. And if we ever get tired of napping, we'd call for some Chinese and feed each other sweet and sour pork while we watched movies until we got tired. Then we'd head to bed, snuggle up, and go back to sleep.
    • During a heavy downpour of warm rain, we'd go outside in our galoshes and slickers and just run in the rain like we did when we were kids. And when it was done raining, we'd take off our shoes and coats and hop in the puddles in our bare feet. Then probably go home and have a warm bath and nice, hot tea.
    • A day spent just playing video games and fooling around. I'd be awakened by one of his more disruptive ways of waking me up and we'd chow down on a quick bowl of one of my favorite cereals [probably trix seeing as it's for kids and it would be quite the childish day]. Then we'd run downstairs to the t.v. and cycle through playing brawl, mario kart, mario party, warioware, and possibly left 4 dead until we got hungry. We'd call up a pizza delivery service and get one with half supreme and half pepperoni and eat it in our pajamas while cracking jokes and playing endless brawl.

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