• Whenever I stumble but I don't fall, I do a little celebratory dance in the face of gravity.
  • I prefer roman numeral clocks.
  • I'm teaching myself American Sign Language because it looks beautiful. I like to use that instead of singing.
  • I have a fear of silverfish and spiders only when they're in my house. I can and have held them on other occasions but when they're in my house, I scream like a banshee.
  • In school, I was in the cheer squad, the mathletes, the basketball team, the football team, the color guard, the marching band, choir, paranormal club, gay-straight alliance, anime club, art club, swing club, writer's club, and drama club.
  • I don't like candy. Especially cotton candy and candy corn.
  • I don't celebrate any holidays, including my birthday.
  • My biggest dream is to be a performer in the French circus.
  • I've been teaching myself how to do yo-yo tricks. So far, I can make it sleep, walk, loop the loop, hop the fence, and go around the world.
  • Helena by My Chemical Romance changed me a lot. The music video gave me a love for black and red, made me want to take up ballet [which I did], made me consider funerals and cemeteries as being romantic in a dark way, and gave me a blueprint for what the sexiest outfit on a guy would be.
  • I didn't have my first s'more until I was twenty.
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