• when I hid behind my mother's dress the first day of school; I didn't want to be seen by the other students and all of them were staring at me
  • when I told my classmates that Santa wasn't real and created pandemonium in the class
  • when my science teacher (whom I had a crush on) announced he was leaving the school and I later hugged him, cried, and told him not to leave me because he made me like science so much.
  • when I was so popular that kids I never even knew were aware of my name
  • when I learned the "crip" walk
  • when I took out a mealworm from our biology class and dropped it in Taylor's lap. she screamed so loud that I'm almost certain that the fifth graders down the hall heard her.
  • when I got in huge trouble for going into the boys' bathroom with my friends even though we weren't being perverse, just curious.
  • when I got in trouble for playing solitaire during my free time
  • when I inspired all of the other girls in my class to get up on a wooden bench with me and do the can-can
  • when I grabbed a pair of castanets and started dancing for this boy I really liked during free time
  • when I was playing with my friend Kyle and we were pretending to be Princess Peach and Mario. he'd just defeated Bowser and he was trying to "rescue me" [catch me before I slid down the slide onto the ground/"pit of lava"].
  • when the Spice Girls came out and we all fought against being the ginger one. XD
  • when the boy who was teaching me how to play basketball told me I "had legs like Tina Turner" even though I had absolutely no idea who that was at the time.
  • when I was running around with my friend Kyle through a very snowy field and we did our "Shatner" narration voices as we walked to his house
  • when I got super scared because I got called down to the principal's office [because back then I used to believe that being called down to the principal's office meant that you were in trouble - no exceptions] and she just wanted to tell me she was giving me and my mother tickets to a parade.
  • when I was super pissed and going down the hallway with my purse slung around my shoulder. then it smacked this girl dead in the face [it's okay because she was a total bitch] and I could not stop laughing. it put me in a good mood for the rest of the day.
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