• Ask about pet policy [what pets are allowed, if certain pets incur an extra fee and how much if there is one]
  • Check the water [for color, whether it's hard or soft, how the faucets flow, how fast it heats]
  • Check the rooms [measure it and all of your furniture to make sure that there's enough space, check for the number of plugs, if they all work, and if they're connected to a switch, check for above head light sockets, vents, air conditioning, etc.]
  • Ask the neighbours about possible infestations [depending on the infestation, either move on or arm yourself]
  • Greet your neighbours in as friendly a way as possible [good rapport means louder music with smaller consequences]
  • Ask if anything's included in the buying of the apartment [electric and water are the best. don't shoot for heating/cooling]
  • Ask if there's an up front deposit and/or a last month's rent that needs to be paid.
  • Ask about the facilities [washer/dryer is vital to existence. if there isn't one on site, if there's one nearby (like a block away) then it's okay. otherwise, ditch the bitch.]
  • Check on the things included with the apartment for whether it works or not [burners on the stove, bulb sockets working, closet space, the power box functioning, etc.]
  • Ask if you're allowed to do any alterations [e.g., nailing something up, taking nails out and placing fixtures elsewhere]
  • Map out the distance of your potential apartment from important places [library, school, laundromat (if needed), grocery stores, shopping centers, hospitals, etc.]
  • Ask how long the lease is, if any, and make sure to read it very carefully. Also ask for a copy of it.
  • Try for an upstairs apartment [it may seem a little odd seeing as you'd have to be crazy quiet to appease your lower neighbours but many pesky bugs (like mosquitoes) stay closer to the ground.]
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