• I would have to make lists on paper again.
  • There would be no reconnecting with old friends. All burned bridges would remained burned and all lost connections would remain lost.
  • It would make digging up dirt on the people I hated back when a lot more complicated and much harder to keep on the down low.
  • Getting to listen to the songs that I like would be much harder. I'd have to dedicate more time to the radio or actually buy people's CDs just to listen to one song.
  • There would be no more Shane Dawson, Ray William Johnson, Onision, What the Buck, Wainy Days, the Guild, memes, or any of the many webcomics. So, I'd have to be a lot more productive, more creative, or just crawl into a ditch and die with all of that free time.
  • I never would have met my future husband. So, that would've sucked.
  • There wouldn't be any more trolls. So, I'd be less pissed off throughout the day.
  • Then again, I'd have no outlet for when people piss me off. That would suck a little.
  • It would be harder to spread conspiracy theories or get information on horrible things into the hands of the truly crazy. I'd have less of a cause to be freaked out.
  • Then again, there's the fact that it would be harder to catch pedophiles and catastrophically insane people. Also, it would take longer to pick out the racist, sexist, etc-ist people.
  • We'd have no Fred, Ke$ha, Bieber, Twitter, Gaiaonline, Neopets, Myspace, Goatse, 2 girls 1 cup, or 4chan. That would kind of rule.
  • Dial up was a dick. Having to go through that at all would be kind of cool.
  • It would take a lot longer for cool things to catch on. Though this would suck, that would also mean things would take longer to die. I miss the failboat...
  • It would make networking and things like that a lot harder/left up to nepotism more than anything else.
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