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❁ㄴㅇㅅㅌ ѕιnce 2016 ┊ fulltime blogger and seller of tingz, kpop, anime, jdrama, cats matcha and jazz music lover!!! try and only associate with me if you are a early/mid 90's bb! /

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bruna mixtape: 2018.
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― i consider myself a hardcore friend and supporter of these groups lol, but i dont participate in activites other than purchasing, voting, or streaming, aka, not into fanfic.. not sure what else stan twitter does lol I ship joy and woo dohwan, youngjie + hongbin shipper and i just love interactions between idols..

。゚゚・。・゚゚。 。 ꒰ groups i support ꒱

 ゚・。・゚ ― ✩°。⋆ ultimates

― semi (no order)

  • wjsn ๑ bts ๑ exo ๑ vixx ๑ fromis9 ๑ twice ๑ gfriend ๑ lovelyz ๑ loona up10tion and many more! i don't stan groups who keep being problematiq!! (mamamoo and got7 lol )

。゚゚・。・゚゚。 。 ꒰ fav peeps ꒱

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    • she/her
    • mid 90s babe
    • virgo
    • latina | Eng ½Español
    • in mexico | from chicago

 ゚♡ ゚・reveluv, lovelinus, starlight, and ㄴㅇㅅㅌ  ・゚♡ ゚

ʚ lastfmmy website!cute side blogkpop twittercarrd ɞ

mutuals on any platform : feel free to ask for any other socials i didn't list here. will mostly make an account u use if i dont already have it!

3ds friend-code : will add when im back home and have my ds lol pocket camp : 4796 2073 016

detailed about me here

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may 10 2018 +
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  • ☐ become a semi-minimalist
  • become waste-free
  • ✔ become vegan
    • end of April 2018! welcome me home vegans lol
  • ☐ help/volunteer; for animals, orphans, single mothers, ...
  • ☐ meet friends i made online (candyy, aerin, megan, michiges, girl from okc)
  • ☐ make really good girl friends
      • ✔ aerin, (anny maybe heheh)...
  • ◐ be my own boss
  • ◐ love myself fully
  • ☐ live with my loves (cats and bf)!
  • ◐ make someone happy
  • ◐ meet someone like me and change their view on life and hopefully they do the same to me
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MARCH 23, 2018 currently blogging on SOYVIRGO.COM, loving my mans so much, spreading info on the web to spread love positivity and tips on getting everything you want in life. any bloggers out there, come join me!!! going to make a small cute community soon hehe STAY TUNED


subways -アイスクリームmadly - clazziquai project ✩_nothing but your love - so much light_ ✩ _heaven seventeen and nuesthello stranger-humming urban stereoteenager - got7도영 X 세정 '별빛이 피면 Star B...


01 : dramas and films bbs, mostly jdrama and anything park sooyoung is in letterboxed + many anime 02 : mysterrious girlfriend x!

past logs

OCTOBER 20TH of 2017

    • currently in mexico on vacation, starting to blog so there is no set schedule for me :) wish me luck on this be your own boss journey!
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ikigai: what gets you up in the morning. it’s what moves you. what makes your life worthwhile.

my family ; including cat and friends

kpop ; red velvet, nu'est, and more

music ; DM for spotify,lastfm (made a fresh account but my last one was made in 2013)

anime ; fruits basket, chobits, DM me for MAL account or MDramaL

happiness ; working early in the morning, staying positive and sharing positivity, sharing my wealth and love and happiness with other living beings; is really what gets me up in the mornings. definitely my cat too because she cries for me to open the backdoor

∞ ... and this video and this one

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