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    • she/her
    • mid 90s babe
    • virgo
    • latina | Eng ½Español
    • in mexico | from chicago

 ゚♡ ゚・reveluv, lovelinus, starlight, and ㄴㅇㅅㅌ  ・゚♡ ゚

ʚ lastfmmy website!cute side blogkpop twittercarrd kpop carrd=joyismine ɞ

mutuals on any platform: feel free to ask for any other socials i didn't list here. will mostly make an account u use if i dont already have it!

3ds friend-code: will add when im back home and have my ds lol pocket camp: 4796 2073 016

detailed about me here

nov 21 2017 ∞
nov 7 2018 +