psychosocial by slipknot

orange by seotaiji

daddy by korn

soft by motionless in white

got the life by korn

somebody someone by korn

imjmwdp prod giriboy

rambo by gwangil jo

decapitation by piri

stab by piri

love foolish by twice

hi high by loona

one (remastered) by metallica

floyd the barber by nirvana

today - 2011 remaster by t.s.p.

come as you are by nirvana

any last werdz by eazy-e

dollaz + sense by dj quik

vogel im kafig by hiroyuki sawano

蝶の飛ぶ水槽 by tk from l.t.s.

それから by 9mm parabellum bullet

p.s. red i tk from l.t.s.

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oct 26 2021 +
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  • santos im 14
  • mexican eng/esp
  • lesbian

i like talking a lot ok

oct 23 2021 ∞
oct 26 2021 +

my friends are pretty great. i have a lot and honestly it makes me happy knowing that i have been able to make a lot of friends.

i have this one friend named eduardo and he's a pretty nice person, but he can also be a little slow..

i also have another friend with the name brissia and we like to joke around with each other and be mean and stuff but she is still my very good friend. :)

nov 1 - im hanging out with rafa and ed friday!

oct 25 2021 ∞
nov 1 2021 +

october 25, 2021

11:33 - im pretty bored i actually want 2 go to my next class already to see my friends yk but yeah i guess i just have to wait

11:40 - feeling lonely these days i kinda want 2 cry again but if i do it will probably be when i talk to my friends so i dont go through it alone.

12:15 - in our lunch break we can't use our phones but maybe after a few minutes we probably can but who knows!

october 26, 2021

11:07 - dr.meyer... she is our substitute for my technology class. kind of scared, i heard she is pretty strict with her students.

11:19 - im going to watch the artshare video again with my parents later, im kind of sad that i wasn't seen in the video that much but its okay.

11:33 - trying to take a selfie when some...

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nov 2 2021 +

stab by piri

nov 2 2021 ∞
nov 2 2021 +


  • dancing
  • composing
  • playing violin
  • writing

do not like

  • frogs. i hate frogs
  • feeling sad

do like

  • talking with friends
  • sprite
  • rare cooked steak
  • sleeping
oct 23 2021 ∞
oct 23 2021 +

im listening to mac demarco a lot these days. but at the same time i've been replaying the feel special album by twice. (their best album)

oct 25 2021 ∞
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