My name is Matthias or Mars for short. I also go by the nickname Ghost. My pronouns are they/them and he/him with a preference for the former. I'm comfortable with it/its pronouns too.

I am transgender, nonbinary, and genderqueer. Beyond that it starts to get a little more complicated. I'm probably transmasculine, and possibly bigender. The term ectogender describes my relationship with gender very well, as does the synonymous label elusigender, which I coined.

When it comes to my sexuality and romanticism, I generally just describe myself as queer. More specifically, however, I would label myself as quoi/asexual and biromantic.

It's also worth noting that I identify fairly strongly with the word cryptid, and I refer to myself as such on occasion. I wouldn't say that I identify as a cryptid though, and I don't consider myself to be otherkin or anything like that. It's just find comfort in the term. In a similar vein, I sometimes describe myself as a freak or an entity.

I am happy to answer any (good faith) questions about the labels I use.

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