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❝ everything about her is ravishing. and menacing. those colours of hers; that contrast of black and white. beauty and menace. ❞


From oceanhunters' teenage girls + mythology

  • There is something divine about the girl with gold dripping from her neck and wrists, the way she smiles as if aware of a secret yet to unveil itself to the rest of the world.
    • Hold onto that pain, she whispers, a reassuring murmur. Let it fuel you. Let it burn.
  • One foot in rurality, one foot in the city, she exists on the fringe of two worlds between the old and the new, surviving despite it all.
  • She strives to make them all tremble, to remind them of what can be achieved should you shake off the expectations of others.
    • But under the gentlest of smiles and the squeeze of a silky hand, she becomes soft.
  • Some days she is quiet and peaceful, othe...
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