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hi we're the bodevans! we are a DID system

  • physically 24 years old
  • white
  • disabled (EDS, chronic fatigue, hoh)
  • living in ontario, canada
  • body name is bodevan, you can use that to refer to all of us collectively
  • general triggers for all system members: mentions of sin/being a sinner, cannibalism, teeth falling out/dental issues, abusive mothers, mentions of church/going to church, cult mentions
  • currently have 22 system members: aleksander, bird, clint, fisher, gideon, jack, jacob, julian, jupiter, kurt, lark, luc, matt, max, michael, newt, pavel, peter, stiles, tarin, thomas, yarilo.
  • shared tumblr is @bodevans
  • engaged to the charlies as of 14/02/2019!!
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may 14 2019 +