breakfast options

  • eggs (omelet or scrambled)
    • great value plant based mozzarella and cheddar style shred blend
    • salt, pepper, garlic powder
  • fruity pebbles
    • planet oat original oatmilk
  • schär artisan baker white bread
    • blackberry jam
    • country crock plant butter with olive oil
  • so delicious dairy free coconut milk yogurt alternative
    • kind healthy grains vanilla blueberry granola with flax seeds

lunch and dinner options

  • amy’s kitchen gluten free non dairy bean & rice burrito
  • anything by banza! chickpea based pastas & rice
    • i get the rotini, spaghetti and shells! i haven't found the rice anywhere near me so i'll probably have to order it online
    • you can even buy bulk on their website!!! i can't recommend this brand enough please check them out!!!
  • mission gluten free original tortilla wraps
    • tuna, lettuce, follow your heart original vegenaise, sriracha
  • original ben's ready rice garden vegetable
  • rice!!
    • i eat so much omg i have this cooker so i can also do steamed veggies w it!! my fave meal probably

snack options

  • freeze dried fruit crisps
  • glutino wafers lemon
    • may contain traces of milk
  • good thins
    • sabra hummus
  • great value tangy fruit smiles
  • nature valley roasted nut crunch almond crunch
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