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hello! welcome to my library of fic recommendations. Most of my fic recommendations are either from ao3 or wattpad. This will be updated whenever I read something that I can recommend since I read a lot.

It will also mostly consist of taegyu and slight yeonbin

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I Wanna Get Stuck Between Your Teeth Like Cotton Candy by yasus (Alpha Taehyun/Omega Beomgyu)

Never Not by ArtThedevil (Alpha Taehyun/Omega Beomgyu/Mpreg)

β€œI’m home.” by linhitkings (Alpha Taehyun/Omega Beomgyu)

You Standing There, Looking Beautiful by Liliesngyu (Alpha Taehyun/Omega Beomgyu)

I Promise, I’m Different by EveNz (Alpha Taehyun/Omega Beomgyu)

Am I just a Playdate to you? by taesquiger (Alpha Beomgyu/Omega Taehyun/Enemies To Lovers)

Of Strawberries and Dalgona Coffee (Alpha Taehyun/Omega Beomgyu)


It’s Our Paradies and It’s Our War Zone by kthbwii (Top Alpha Taehyun/Bottom Omega Beomgyu/Boypussy/Rough Sex)

Notice Me by RunAwayforEternity (Alpha Taehyun/Omega Beomgyu/Switch Taegyu)

Thursday’s Child by taegyuloser (Top Alpha Taehyun/Bottom Omega Beomgyu)

Only You by RunAwayForEternity (Top Alpha Beomgyu/Bottom Omega Taehyun)

I Belong With You (and only you) by cherrymouth (Top Alpha Beomgyu/Bottom Alpha Taehyun)

Flying Hearts by TtalgiGyu (Top Alpha Taehyun/Bottom Omega Beomgyu)

Hearts of Glass by antiromanticsince72 (Top Alpha Taehyun/Bottom Omega Beomgyu)

Sequel : house of gold

Set My Heart on Fire by soobins (Top Alpha Beomgyu/Bottom Omega Taehyun)

My Dear Alpha (Top Alpha Beomgyu/Bottom Omega Taehyun)

Jealousy Turns into Something Steamy by Glearyyyne (Top Alpha Beomgyu/Bottom Omega Taehyun)

Mine (Top Alpha Beomgyu/Bottom Omega Taehyun)

I’m Pregnants Hyung! (Top Alpha Beomgyu/Bottom Omega Taehyun/Boypussy)

Broken Omega by minitaegyu (Top Alpha Beomgyu/Bottom Omega Beomgyu)

Revenge is a Dish Best Served Cold by Peachybinnie (Top Alpha Beomgyu/Bottom Omega Taehyun)

Sweet Caroline by 205berries π’π°πžπžπ­ π‚πšπ«π¨π₯𝐒𝐧𝐞 𝐁𝐘 πŸπŸŽπŸ“π›πžπ«π«π’πžπ¬ (Top Alpha Beomgyu/Bottom Omega Taehyun/Racer Beomgyu/Mechanic Taehyun)

Daddy and his Baby Boy (Top Alpha Beomgyu/Bottom Omega Taehyun/Sugar Daddy/Baby)

Cherry Rum by ninthoflarch (Top Alpha Beomgyu/Bottom Omega Taehyun)

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