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hello! welcome to my library of fic recommendations. Most of my fic recommendations are either from ao3 or wattpad. This will be updated whenever I read something that I can recommend since I read a lot.

It will also mostly consist of taegyu and slight yeonbin

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drunk all summer (red eyes, amnesia) by joneandonly

haul out the holly by soobingsu (noonaofdarkness)

can you feel the rush by permutative (predebut)

but how we moved from a to b it can't be up to me 'cause i don't know by whatifidbeenthatauthor

the best birthday ever by taesquiger

so, baby, stay by cal_rosaceae

come a little closer by beomietyun

all will be alright in time by willowskies

i think i just fell for you by runawayforeternity

breathless by sheep_yjwonu

13:03 by socially_awkward_di

love radio by afraidioactivity

if i were a nucleic acid, i’d be rna, so i could have u in my life by squishsungs

2 am, who do you love? by sputnikbeomie

i’m spitting out his listerine by sputnikbeomie

he’s definitely taken by runawayforeternity (smut)

crazy in love by runawayforeternity (smut)

oh my god, they were roommates by runawayforeternity

hey guess what? by runawayforeternity

shine on me(i’m already yours) by tae2junnies

10 ways to bag your man by seungminator3000

i’m a loser in this game by wordsofthesoul

read at 5:13 am by onlybeoms

but it’s better if you do by belgard (smut) (top beomgyu)

every little thing he does is magic by f0reisa

fight or flight - don't fight the feeling by f0reisa

driving me crazy by synically

skateboards and pretty faces by synically

crossing this loneliness, let's engrave eternity into the starlights (my sputnik) by flowersofbeom

how to love someone who isn’t you by untilitbreaks

'cause i know what you like boy, you’re my chemical hype boy by tyunnyx (miintaexty)

dandelions by oziremen

in a sea of people my eyes search for you by RunAwayForEternity (smut)

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