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hello! welcome to my library of fic recommendations. Most of my fic recommendations are either from ao3 or wattpad. This will be updated whenever I read something that I can recommend since I read a lot.

It will also mostly consist of taegyu and slight yeonbin

listography TERMS

To Fall Into Temptation Is To Fall From Grace by qins (synically) (God Taehyun/Human Beomgyu)

I Don’t Mind if it’s with You by tyunivore (Roommate/college)

Coming Home to You by Glearyyyne (Taegyu Husband)

Search History by gyuhour (Taegyu Roommate)

Time, Mystical Time (cutting me open, healing me fine) by cherrymouth (Strangers To Lovers/Reincarnation)

Prince of Thieves by microcosmically (Gods & Goddesses)

So Close to The Sun by TtalgyiGyu (Modern With Magic)

The Next Wave of Personal Communication or PD Beomgyu Ftw by ividloss (Canon Divergence/Producer Beomgyu)

High School Dropout (baby you’re a knockout) by microcosmically (Beomgyu Centric)

Bleef For Me by beomgyutaehyun (Major Character Death)

To The (full) Moon and back by hwxinwonderland (daisylix)(Omega Beomgyu/Human Taehyun)

My First and Last by lukasnnee (Strangers to Lovers)

Insantiable by Soobiniee (Sub Top Beomgyu/Power Sub Bottom Taehyun)

Short or Skirts? (Feminization)

I Don’t Want To Be Your One Night Stand (First Time)

Submissive and Breedable by woosan_in_love (Canon Compliant)

Sweet Little Unforgettable Thing by Jaemins_smile (Semi-public sex)

Jumping In The Deep End (and it feels good) by Soobiniee (Overwhelming Sex)

You Call on me for Entrance to the Shrine microcosmically (Light BDSM)

Pet The Kitty (call me catty) by microcosmically (Established Relationship)

Obsessed by yellowjun (Blackmail)

In The Midst of Studying (it became something much more) by yellowjun (Library Sex)

How Did We Get Here? By xyternals (Hate/Angry Sex)

Painting Pictures In My Head (Addicted to your Touch) by beomppulp (hybrea) (Beomgyu Imagination)

Devious - BeomHyun by ynjnsdump (Feminization/Missionary)

Princess by ynjnsdump (Cross-dressing)

In The Darkness of Our Dorm by Beomgyuisbabie (Pwp)

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