this cyberspace does not make any sense and neither do i. i am simply utilizing it to accommodate various interest and loud thoughts of mine, which is why i am continuously trying to keep it safe and confined from unnecessary interactions from:

      • minor
      • empty and/or locked account
      • ableist, exclusionist, lgbtphobic, misogynistic, racist, sexist, xenophobic
      • fujoshi, fundashi, or mlm/wlw relationships fetishizer

do not even bother to try if you are not willing to consider different viewpoints, because despite being heavily opinionated, i am a thought-deconstruct connoisseur.

for the sake of my convenience, please refrain from:

aug 21 2023 ∞
oct 2 2023 +
    • maia ( pronounced as mai-uh )・feminine pronouns
    • southeast asian in her twenties ・ the tower devotee
    • isfp-tㅤ ㅤ ・ 4w5 ・ sp/sx ・ ㅤㅤpisces stellium

ㅤ ㅤㅤㅤㅤㅤ rollingpaper · literal · retrospring ﹚

“that's how you get deathless, volchitsa . walk the same tale over and over, until you wear a groove in the world, until even if you vanished, the tale would keep turning, keep playing, like a phonograph, and you'd have to get up again, even with a bullet through your eye, to play your part and say your lines.”

aug 21 2023 ∞
oct 2 2023 +
  • anime, manga/manhwa , mainly ao no flag , chainsaw man, chihayafuru , fire punch , fire force , haikyuu!! , ikoku nikki , jujutsu kaisen , kekkai sensen , kono oto tomare , mahoutsukai no yome , majo to yajuu , noragami , one piece , paradise kiss , pyscho-pass , run with the wind , skip to loafer , tsurune , and witch hat atelier ;
  • cinema , mainly audition , beautiful boy , carrie , house of hummingbird , il mare , kill bill , possession , tess , and works by shunji iwai and sion sono ,;
  • early christianity , everything before pauline christianity;
  • food and cooking as a love language
  • furnitures
  • music , mainly indigo la end , måneskin , marika hackman , red hot chili peppers , roxette , tamino ;
  • literature , as long as it is not self-help or motivational ones;
  • parallels and association
  • writing

knowing there are too many that i fancy and digest every once in a while and some has even been nothing but a wonderful companion for me growing up and navigating life, if you are interested to know more, simply get to know me

aug 21 2023 ∞
oct 2 2023 +
  • literature review , with the notion of reading law as literature and reading literature as law. religiously honing and improving academic cohesion and coherence in an ongoing process of understanding the current framework, on learning to provide well defined interpretation of legal legitimacy actions and legal doctrines;
  • media consumption , with critical eyes, for self-satisfaction purposes, on being a better reader and listener for myself, on being a better enjoyer for myself, in correlation with the previous point explained, as i am one that despise the trend of taking everything at face value, and prefer to see issues at hand from multiple sides;
  • medieval culture , with gnosticism and christian mysticism as the main drive. penetrating into medieval devotional practice that sought its believer's direct and emotional involvement towards the lost gospels and five holy wounds, but most importantly, the side wound would always be an indulging experience;
aug 21 2023 ∞
oct 2 2023 +