• literature review, with the notion of reading law as literature and reading literature as law. religiously honing and improving academic cohesion and coherence in an ongoing process of understanding the current framework, on learning to provide well defined interpretation of legal legitimacy actions and legal doctrines;
  • media consumption, with critical eyes, for self-satisfaction purposes, on being a better reader and listener for myself, on being a better enjoyer for myself, in correlation with the previous point explained, as i am one that despise the trend of taking everything at face value, and prefer to see issues at hand from multiple sides;
  • medieval culture, with gnosticism and christian mysticism as the main drive. penetrating into medieval devotional practice that sought its believer's direct and emotional involvement towards the lost gospels and five holy wounds, but most importantly, the side wound would always be an indulging experience;
  • video games, with time in mind. it has always been one of many form of escapism and entertainment i grow to love, varying from real-time strategy game, role-playing gacha game, and simulation game, though i am currently only fixated on honkai: star rail and the sims 4, and;
  • yard work, with memories of never-ending curiosity towards shameplant found on suburbs pathways, forging relationship with plants comes naturally. turning lawn, unused space, and plastic waste into garden beds, along with my parents, we grow assortments of plants, herbs, and flowers as an act of preservation and range of therapeutic application.
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