• anime, manga/manhwa, mainly ao no flag, chainsaw man, chihayafuru, fire punch, fire force, haikyuu!!, ikoku nikki, jujutsu kaisen, kekkai sensen, kono oto tomare, mahoutsukai no yome, majo to yajuu, noragami, one piece, paradise kiss, pyscho-pass, run with the wind, skip to loafer, tsurune, and witch hat atelier;
  • cinema, mainly audition, beautiful boy, carrie, house of hummingbird, il mare, kill bill, possession, tess, and works by shunji iwai and sion sono,;
  • early christianity, everything before pauline christianity;
  • food and cooking as a love language
  • furnitures
  • music, mainly indigo la end, mÃ¥neskin, marika hackman, red hot chili peppers, roxette, tamino;
  • literature, as long as it is not self-help or motivational ones;
  • parallels and association
  • writing

knowing there are too many that i fancy and digest every once in a while and some has even been nothing but a wonderful companion for me growing up and navigating life, if you are interested to know more, simply get to know me

aug 21 2023 ∞
oct 2 2023 +