• im obsessed with late 90's/early 2000's internet
  • i used to trade in tf2 a whole lot, though i dont focus on that stuff anyomre
  • while on that topic, Soldier/Demoman/Scout
  • i really like imageboards like 4chan and 8chan ([s4s] namefig)
  • i love listening to music and want to learn how to make my own
  • i plan on creating a vinyl collection full of my favorite albums
  • i love animals
  • Goon from SA, migrated to 4chan in 2004
  • computers are really neat but you will never catch me majoring in computer science
  • i dont know how to focus!!!!
  • twitter is my favorite social media site
  • im allergic to peanuts
  • i love playing vidya, dont care for console wars - im inept
  • windows 2000 was my first os
  • i really enjoy horror, though horror that relies on cheap jumpscares really upset me and dont even scare me
  • pepsi is better than coke
  • old internet (ytps, ytpmvs, newgrounds, neocities, 4chan, anything before 2013) was the peak time of fun on the internet. shame that period is long gone since the internet is so mainstream nowadays..
  • i love designing stuff (rearranging my bedroom, desk, social media pages)
oct 10 2018 ∞
feb 22 2019 +