hello! this is callaine attaya aldebridge

this oc name 'calla' already used since 2016, so maybe if one of you still recognize me, it's still me!

february 23rd, esfj, she/her, gmt+7

do remember:

✿ i talk a lot, rants a lot about many things!

✿ i always trying to be kind and nice, and make you comfortable talking with me. so please tell me if my act or words ever offend you or even hurt you. i don't want to cut any ties with anyone because i sincerely cherish everyone i had here

✿ i want to be the better me, the better friend, the better lover, and better human being. so feel free to always tell me something to get better! c:

✿ lastly, i always welcome for new friendship, and for any help! come if you need help!

dec 1 2020 ∞
jan 17 2021 +