• september 1: zendaya's birthday
  • september 2: keanu's birthday / classes start
  • september 4: anniversary!!!
  • september 7: andy, 10:00 / mom's birthday
  • september 12: bella's birthday
  • september 14: andy, 10:00 / therapy, 1:30
  • september 21: andy, 10:00
  • september 22: fall starts
  • september 28: andy, 10:00 / therapy, 1:30


  • stay on top of things this semester
  • rest
  • improve time management skills
  • continue btg


  • gravity falls
    • i just.....dipper speaks to me . i love these funky twins
  • a series of unfortunate events
    • these sweet baudelaire babies!! how i love them!!
  • hannibal
    • i really was determined not to be obsessed with these dumb murder husbands and here i am.... puts on clown nose & makeup

best moments of the month

  • spending our anniversary with mars & getting to snuggle them and kiss their face and just fucking.....LOVE them ?; being gentle with myself sorting out if i love them or if i’m IN love with them and accepting that the two really aren’t so different and that it’s okay if it’s either one, and i don’t have to be ashamed, and i can know that they love me too & just as much even if it’s not the exact same way; seeing the sun turn golden in the sky as it switches from summer to fall; spending time with the family despite covid; seeing the leaves start to change colors and feeling the air go crisp; planning our wedding with mars hehe; sending my manuscript to a literary agent and holding my breath for the next month; going to check on mars over the weekend and just cuddling them; getting dinner with melissa and laughing so hard i cried; elise starting school and telling me everything about how it's going
sep 1 2020 ∞
oct 1 2020 +