dalton/Dante emotionally abused me, gaslighted me, blackmailed me to hide what he did to me, and overall made everything hell for me when we dated and while we were friends. He's a person that uses his power and friends to delude people into defending him and using his popularity to get away with hurting people. He is a very abusive and manipulative person that will use people and lie, regardless of how long you've known him or how close you are. He will use people and throw them away if he feels threatened that he will get called out. usually following the narrative mostly claiming all of his past partners are bad, blames what he did to on the person in the friendship/relationship. The people closest to him are pretty much manipulated to the point they're his lapdogs and will defend anything he does. Those same people are the people who've been harassing me by releasing my number, sending me text messages, hate anons on cc, etc, while at the same time, claims I've been stalking him and harassing him when I haven't had any contact with him or the others since February 2018 except for one case when one of his close friends who I used to be qpps with, messaged me out of nowhere in the summer of 2018 using the excuse that they suddenly believed me yet didn't even want to know what Dalton did to me and quickly went on like we were still friends. They were trying to get close to me and try to see if they could get any info on me but I declined to want to be in contact with them because I didn't trust them and it was suspicious. It's been going for about a year and a half, on and off. I have things that contradict what he's been saying and things he'd done behind closed doors. I have people that have seen his behavior and have been pulled into the situation, trying to harass one of my closest friends and sending him anons blaming him for his trauma.

may 15 2019 ∞
mar 30 2020 +