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I like making lists because it helps me make sense of my life.

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  • the east area rapist
  • the baby-sitter killer
  • edmund kemper
  • elisa lam's case
  • lobotomies
  • the beast of jersey
  • the poet of wichita
  • eugene bullard
  • the amityville horror murders
  • the lindbergh baby kid-napping
  • robert hansen
  • the toy box killer
  • the donner party
  • the story of miriam rodriguez martinez
  • edgar allan poe
  • the back-rooms (not on the podcast)
  • the paper bag killer
  • the alcatraz escape of 1962
  • teresita basa
  • island of the dolls (not on the podcast)
  • the night marchers in hawaii (not on the podcast)
  • the hinterkaifeck murders
  • randonautica & synchronicities (not on the podcast)
  • the survival story of ultra-marathon runner, mauro prosperi
  • the murder of martha brailsford
  • the murder of azaria chamberlain
  • the pelley murders
  • unabomber
  • jon-benet ramsey
  • the keddie murders
  • the legend of sleepy hollow (not on the podcast)
  • clarence & melinda elkins
  • the watcher house (not on the podcast)
  • diane downs
  • the murder of junko furuta (not on the podcast)
  • the disappearance of bryce laspisa
  • "my neighbor, totoro" conspiracy theories / the sayama incident (not on the podcast)
  • lady of the dunes
  • gainesville ripper
  • ed edwards
  • the bloody benders
  • madame lalaurie (not on the podcast)
  • the forest park killer
  • dyatlov pass mystery
  • the disappearance of emanuela orlandi
  • the origin of stockholm syndrome
  • the murder of sherri rasmussen
  • herb coddington
  • the disappearance of sherri papini
  • the riverside killer
  • black dahlia
  • laci peterson
  • the vienna strangler / jack unterweger
  • the axeman of new orleans
  • barbara hoffman (not on the podcast)
  • h. h. holmes
  • the queen mary ship (not on podcast)
  • michael malloy (not on the podcast)
  • the sodder children
  • josef fritzl (not on the podcast)
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