• visit the cimetière des chiens et autres animaux domestiques
  • visit the kennedy park in lima - peru
  • visit the hart tree in the redwood mountain grove
  • paint with bob ross
  • horror movies marathon, obviously
  • museu de ciencia e tecnologia da puc
  • trail and take lots of pictures
  • watch csi and law & order
  • go to uni's footbridge when it's raining
  • walk around in an empty shopping mall
  • play dark stories / scrawl
  • pet many many dogs, meet dogs, walk dogs, hug dogs


  • work at lush for a while to get each other discounts
  • have an advice podcast
  • bake lots of vegan crap
  • open a fashion business
  • date (jk but seriously tho)
  • freeze in detroit dancing jazz
  • go to expensive and alternative artsy parties
  • wear revealing clothing outside
  • create a youtube channel
  • watch weird documentaries
  • thrift shop
  • learn how to swim w/ no clothes on


  • crossfit
  • assistir
    • new girl
    • black miro
    • grey's anatomy
    • todos filme de 50 tons de cinza
    • animes??? desenhos
  • karaoke???
  • roubar passaros de petshop e soltá-los no mundo
  • comer burg ruim no madero
  • f1 no aeroporto
  • jogar muitos games
    • gta
  • pintar o cabelo de roxo
  • canal de casal no youtubes
  • tatuagem de casal
  • cosplay de casal
    • enfermeira joy e o pokemon dela
    • ash e pikachu


  • jogar gato mia
  • ir em muitos atacadões
  • visitar o dragão do mar
  • play strip poker
  • dance to abba
  • play dixit
  • watch all shitty lesbian movies
  • own a straight otter couple called Friedrich Nietzsche & Simone de Beauvoir (fred and sisi)
jul 20 2016 ∞
feb 9 2019 +
user picture thata: ily oct 9 2016
user picture thata: add ficar na passarela da sua uni na chuva
user picture julie: verdadeee e aloprar no shopping vazio oct 24 2016
user picture kimmy: the cat park is the loveliest thing in the loveliest neighborhood that is miraflores. <3 also visit el mundo papel, the best art shop just a few blocks away. feb 10 2017
user picture julie: aw that sounds lovely, thank you! art shops are always fascinating aren't they <3 feb 23 2017