• making friends becomes harder as you grow older
  • you can be helpful to other people just by sharing your experiences
  • forgiving someone is accepting that they've left a mark on you and now it's your burden to bear, not theirs
  • we all should talk more about sex and sexuality
  • cooking and texting at the same time = trouble
  • going to the gym is not that bad. endorphins are fun
  • not having feelings isn't 'cool', you can care about everything, be vulnerable and feel it all
  • being honest doesn't mean you can say cruel, mean things to people and get away with it
  • experiencing the world as an lgbt person is different and sometimes it sucks, but you have to find out what's nice about it and surround yourself with people who love and support you for who you are
  • you do not have to yell back at people to be heard
  • wearing your hair up sometimes is quite nice
  • your clothes give people a crucial introduction to yourself, the way you dress matters
  • having someone get you, your feelings, your situation, your dreams, is important. having someone share these things with you, is profound. don't walk a one way path with anyone
  • take compliments gracefully, let people know that you appreciate them for appreciating you
  • earbuds are actually fine
  • never trust your memory, write it down
  • there is art in the ordinary, unnoticed things
  • fall in love with yourself. you have to get a hold on this and decide that you’ll just accept who you are rather than trying to change because you'll never be satisfied
  • cats have little pouches on their ears but haven't figured out how to store food in them yet
  • thinking too much about all the boring things you have to do is exhausting, most of the times the worst part is starting them so just get up and do it. it's also easier if you pretend you're having fun
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