• making lists of stuff i want to buy
  • actually stop spending money on stuff i don't need
  • just because because you have a two-month job it doesn't make you rich margarida
  • stop buying things please!
  • if you have the tiniest hope of going to birmingham in january please save your fucking money!!!!
  • stop spending money on mcdonald's because you're too lazy to make lunch at home
  • stop spending money on nights out and taxis and drinks
  • get the fuck used to smoking rolled cigarretes again because normal ones at too fucking expensive
  • for fuck's sake stop spending so much money on food, even your grandma's friends think you're getting fat
  • also stop talking to yourself through lists okay? everyone already thinks you're weird enough
  • :)
  • hey margarida, it's margarida. hang in there. i love you, bye.
sep 20 2013 ∞
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