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Cecil, they/them. All is not lost, the unconquerable will, and study of revenge, immortal hate, and the courage never to submit or yield.

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polly comfort characters (a special place in my heart 4 them)
  • Cecil/Jack/Al Vintner
  • agender (they/them)
  • Mexican (huichol) and white
  • Autistic + adhd
  • Depression, BPD, Bipolar Disorder (type 2), generalized anxiety
  • Butch Lesbian
  • Frequently available
  • shameless self promoter
  • Blacklist (please read!)
  • Friends
  • I have a webcomic! It's a fancomic of A Softer World that I run with Polly!
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  • Please sb me if you wanna break a mutual!

Ask to follow (unless i follow you first) if you:

  • are a brony, like FNAF, or regularly post nsfw art.
  • Are a cis male.
  • are neurotypical.


  • Are over 23 or under 16.
  • Disparage lgbt and/or poc interpretations
  • are truscum or TERF.
  • are Pro-gun
  • are Pro Autism Speaks
  • Support/Justify ships of minors and adults.
  • Support/Justify white people taking POC spaces.
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Literally Me (Ask to follow unless I follow first, please!)

  • Jack Wynand (Bioshock)
  • GLaDOS (Portal) (she/her is okay)
  • Player (KLAUS)

Main (Ask to Follow unless you're the ocean! u can just follow!)

  • The Ocean
  • Courier Six (FO:NV)
  • Friend Computer (Paranoia: The RPG)
  • Roswell (The Adventure Zone)
  • Twilight Sparkle but like, a weird au ver of her (MLP:FiM)


  • Ganache (Neko Atsume)
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Failte Go Eden is the story of an Earth that, in the future, is overtaken by a hostile alien empire. After humanity surrenders and a few failed uprisings, human life in the Terminal Empire falls into a sort of routine. The planet is being reconstructed after both human and alien damage done to it, and interspecies relations are high, so claim Imperial officials.

The story follows Jack Noel Vintner, a young human, across the island of Eden. They encounter many people, human and alien, witnesses many stories, and does their best to make life a little easier under imperial rule. Accompanied by them are Dr. Vintner, Dr. Langtree-Yegorov, and Dr. Shelley, three scientists from a private institution located in the wilds of Eden's war-scarred landscape, aptly called The Emerald Wastes. Tension breaks out as a murderer thought to be dead for years has had a resurgence on the island, and with J...

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  • I DMed this!
  • Four Fucks Accidentally Save The world
  • A Four-Player playthrough of the official two-part campaign Tyranny of Dragons
  • Featuring Menko (played by Brad), Vex (played by Lune), My Friend (played by Polly), and Sundu (played by Osa)!
  • Polly made a bot, @dragonhuggers, that posts quotes every 15 minutes


  • "I've literally cried thinking about it ending" -King
  • "I SWEAR ITS SO FUNNY TO SEE YALL POST AFTER A GAME BC ITS ALWAYS LIKE well vex got eaten by a dragon bc she was making eyes at a goblin girl BUT ITS OK......the team accidentally brought her back" -Lee

Strahd's Fuckhouse

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Current Big Interest: Tabletop RPGs

a + represents a special interest

Video Games

  • KLAUS (La Cosa) +
  • Pokemon +
  • BioShock +
  • Portal +
  • Animal Crossing
  • Neko Atsume
  • Fallout
  • Earthbound/Mother3/Mother4
  • Hiveswap


  • anything I can get my grubby little flippers on
  • Tintin
  • Homestuck
  • Gunshow
  • A Softer World
  • XKCD
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