separate from my interests list since i consider this to be way more important to me :)

listening to music has been a special interest for a rough 4 years now :) this is seperate from both interest section because im super connected to music. i resonate a lot with lyrics and sounds and my gender feels connected to those too and its felt that way forever now :D

  • rock&metal ; (j idol rock, vkei, kawaii metal)
  • pop ; (electro pop, jpop, kpop, post teen pop, bubblegum)
  • chiptunes happybreakcore dubstep
  • babymetal
  • deviloof
  • jackoffjill
  • lady beard
  • lady baby
  • millionares


  • all have been in the music industry from a really young age
  • yui metal is no longer apart from babymetal (but i still love her)
  • su metals birthday is on 12/20 ♐
  • moa metals birthday is on 07/04 ♋ (same as me!)
  • yui metals birthday is on 06/20 ♊
  • they preformed on the same stage as metallica
  • yui metal is a fan of ariana grande + cannibal corpse
  • moa metal and su metal have met billie eliesh before
  • i own a babymetal shirt :o & planning on to get a hoodie!
  • i was 0.5% of babymetals listeners of 2022
oct 20 2022 ∞
feb 24 2023 +