• Praise Abort
  • "We didn't want to be really nasty or provocative or insulting. [This is] the first time English speakers can understand the lyrics, which is usually impossible in Rammstein. It's very sexual, but that's what I've done in Rammstein for twenty years, it's just that nobody's understood it! Now they're all going to investigate my German lyrics and be like: 'What the f* is he doing?'"
  • “It's so hard to find a name these days. They're all taken!” Till concludes, laughing as he recounts the year-long search for a band name. “People collect names, register them and sell them – it's all domains! There's nothing that doesn't exist. Jesus Christ. Even if you find some really fucked up shit, like Flies On Dicks or something like that... it's taken!”
  • the odd couple interview
  • rocksverige interview
  • "There's a total change over in the music and the quality in music and the taste in music is totally different. We're never gonna see bands like Led Zeppelin or Black Sabbath again. It's over."
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    • Goddamn germans and their weird shit.
    • You thought Rammstein was *F up, look and see what Till gets away with when none of the other guys are around.
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