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list of our alters! we also use this to sort out new alters, so it might not be 100% complete and not always make sense

the charlies follows:
  • city elf, merrill (dragon age) fictive (kins cassandra from the librarians, janet from tgp), 24, she/her (demigirl), femme lesbian (single, monogamous); bullying survivor, very adhd, social anxiety disorder
  • triggers: unsanitary, 'sam/samantha' name, schools, s/xting mentions, forums, rping

"adorkable elf lesbian"

  • dorky cutesy divination witch. rly affectionate, a complete sweetheart, naive, in awe of everything, likes scarfs a lot, overstimmy easily, adhd rambles 24h, easily excited, gets anxiety attacks, rly sweet to everyone, very clumsy & ditsy, big social anxiety, too naive & kind for her own good
  • nerdy 50s aesthetic (lazy long dress w/ cute makeup!), card games, dnd, palm reading/tarot/divination(!!), indie comics, crafts/diy, still figuring out tv shows/movies/etc she likes
nov 11 2018 ∞
mar 11 2019 +