• about in degrees by foals: "and i like the idea of the song being the type of track that would bring people together on the dance floor, it would be a sweaty, communal direct moment of connection, and yet the lyrics are about social dislocation, about being alone. and i like the paradox of that"
  • about slow dancing in the dark by joji: "i’m quite prude with my lyrics. i wouldn’t say it was a sexual reference, it was more just like spend time with me for just another night or something. i wish i was cool enough to make sexual references like that"
  • about syrups by foals: "it was essentially like the first half was this quite pristine computer recorded version and the second half is basically the band after a few drinks trundling into the practice room and sort of assaulting it”
  • about what the water gave me by florence + the machine: "that’s always been such a strong image: going to the river with your pockets full of stones" & "i was kind of fascinated by those stories about children who are swept out to sea, and their parents go in after them and try to rescue them and it sounds horrible, but because the children are smaller, they get swept in unharmed whereas the parents are drowned. it’s like the sea demands this sacrifice. there’s that line in the song: ‘they took your loved ones and returned them in exchange for you but would you have it any other way?’ and you probably wouldn’t"
  • about nadir by tender: "originally an astronomical term, “nadir” is derived from the arabic “nazir,” or “opposite to.” it is used inversely to “zenith” which references a point in the sky located directly overhead. by definition, it is “the lowest or most unsuccessful point in a situation;” figuratively representing the lowest point of a person’s spirits"
  • about curse by koda: "i wrote 'curse' steeped in depression and the guilt that comes with that – which is rare. there's a myth of the tortured artist that is complete bs; i can never write or do anything in low periods, much less anything good. so 'curse' was an oddity for me – i think it helped pull me out of this toxic non-romantic relationship i was in at the time, where i ceded all control of myself and lost confidence in myself. it didn’t liberate me, but it was the start of crumbling those walls"
  • about no plan by hozier: "'no plan' is a disco-y stomper inspired by physicist lawrence m. krauss' belief that we should rejoice at being so lucky to even have this relatively brief moment on earth, are about greeting the chaos with a laugh and a shrug. 'it's like, well, here the fuck we are'"
  • about you're somebody else by flora cash: "the song was sparked by that period of sadness we talked about. we both wrote it together, but it was actually me talking to myself – i felt like i was not myself; i was projecting my normal self, but i did not feel my normal self. and i thought about shpresa – 'the part of you that you see only when you are older'. i think that sometimes we see things in ourselves and people that they don't see – the seed that is going to bloom throughout a person's life"
  • about talk by hozier: "there's all these lofty notions of, kind of, of true love, and lofty tales and kind of romantic language is used in the verses. and the chorus just admits to, like, 'i'm only using this language to distract from the fact that i'm trying to seduce you here, for fear that you find out how i'm imagining you'”
  • about moderation by florence + the machine: "echoing the sentiments of 'hunger', florence realises that although she felt as though finding love would solve her feelings of emptiness, she misjudged the realities of a relationship, which only made her more unhappy" & "the song itself is about reaching outwards and being cross that someone can't give you what you want"
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