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  • daydreaming about living in brugge, mostly due to seeing the coziest and loveliest houses ever
    • brugge 2017
  • drinking starbucks while walking through a beautiful local park in our last night in london
    • london 2014
  • freed from desire - gala
    • glastonbury 2017
  • getting insanely drunk at the hostel and then deciding to get something to eat and getting lost multiple times on our way back before finally getting it right
    • barcelona 2016 w/ sarah and sis
  • having lunch at a rooftop in Paris on a beautiful, sunny, summer day. I drank a delicious rosé wine (and I don't even like wine) and it was very nice
    • paris 2016
  • lunch at jamie oliver's restaurant in liverpool
    • liverpool 2014
  • nights at the waterhole w/ sis, mom and ísio drinking ice and singing to great songs all night longe
    • amsterdam 2017
  • sarah, sis and I ate a Häagen Dazs fondue that could easily feed five to six people and each one of us also ate a dessert. After finishing it we were full to the point of feeling sick and not being able to move. It was worth it though.
    • madrid 2016
  • sis and I randomly finding the chameleon bar and spending every single one of our nights there
    • glastonbury 2015
  • spending 10+ hours in a traffic jam w/ mom and ísio. We were on our way to glastonbury and the site was so muddy, both cars and campervans were arriving at the same time and many of them had to be towed due to the mud. The three of us listened to the artists who were playing all night long, we gave up and began eating the food we had bought and mom and isio opened one of the many boxed wines they had bought and drank it out of red solo cups
    • glastonbury 2016
  • taking the tube to zone 4 + a bus to get to white hart lane and managing not to get lost even though we had no gps
    • london 2014
  • the most delicious gelatto ever at a place near the house rods, sis and I were staying at
    • vila velha 2017
  • taking pictures all day long at wdw
    • icp 2018/19
  • when baile da gaiola started playing at the dcp winter formal
    • icp 2018/19
  • baile do brasil w/ lisa, leo and lu
    • icp 2018/19
  • baile do brasil w/ ju + getting ready at kami's while us + lisa drank and ate brigadeiro
    • icp 2018/19
  • graduation day
    • icp 2018/19
  • the day i was going to stay home but then ended up spendind the day w/ heather and tito and we went to the mall and played mini golf
    • icp 2018/19
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