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october 1st

  • 331 BC alexander the great defeats garius III of persia in the battle of gaugamela;
  • 959 edgar the peaceful becomes king of all england;
  • 1553 coronation of queen mary I of england;
  • 1880 first electric lamp factory is opened by thomas edison;
  • 1928 the soviet union introduces its first five-year plan;
  • 1958 nasa is created to replace naca;
  • 1960 nigeria gains independence from the united kingdom;
  • 1961 the united states defense intelligence agency (dia) is formed, becoming the country's first centralized military espionage organization;
  • 1971 walt disney world opens near orlando, florida, united states;
  • 1979 the united states returns sovereignty of the panama canal to panama;
  • 1982 epcot opens at walt disney world near orlando, florida, united states;
  • 1982 Sony launches the first consumer compact disc player (model cdp-101);
  • 1989 denmark introduces the world's first legal modern same-sex civil union called "registered partnership";
  • 2009 the supreme court of the united kingdom takes over the judicial functions of the house of lords.
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