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Hi, call me Colin or Queenie.
20 ꙮ they/them ꙮ nonbinary ꙮ aromantic asexual
I love to draw and write. This listography is for my interests.
*Items with a "ꙮ" are extra special to me. bolded items are my current hyperfixation.

rudy about me (hi)
people (kins idk what to put for categories lol)
health (dni)
games (im a gaymer....hehhahaha)
hobbies (interests)
  • Act IV: Rebirth in Reprise by The Dear Hunter ꙮ
  • Progress by The Dear Hunter
  • Blood on the Radio by Thank You Scientist
  • Sentient by KOAN Sound
  • I Know The Truth by Pretty Lights
  • Level Up by De Staat
  • Space Walk by Lemon Jelly ꙮ
  • Sometimes the Stars by The Audreys
  • All I Can Think About is You by Coldplay ꙮꙮ
  • Arabesque by Coldplay
  • Daily Grind by The Lab Rats
  • The Derry Tune by Kíla ꙮ
  • Angry God by Jake Bowen
  • Lose My Mind by KNOWER
  • Ghosts by The Presets
  • Great Vacation (2007) by Dirt Poor Robins
  • Michael (Jumpin) by No More Kings
  • Future Holds EP by Evoke & Laura Brehm
  • Alpha by C418 ꙮ
  • Listen by she
  • It's a Hit by Rilo Kiley
  • Spiral of Ants by Lemon Demon ꙮ
  • Wriggle by Cosmo Sheldrake ꙮ
  • This Too Shall Pass Marching Band Version by OK Go ꙮ
  • These Are Your Friends by Adem
  • Two Against One (feat. Jack White) by Danger Mouse & Daniele Luppi
  • The Tempest by Pendulum
  • Bad News Jitterbug by Eyal Amir ꙮ
  • Swim Slowly by Meltt
  • Perfect Human by Basset
mar 28 2020 ∞
nov 30 2021 +