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“The flower that blooms in adversity is the most rare and beautiful of them all.”

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Today I am November

  • I ate... Homemade Halloween cookies.
  • I bake... Chocolatey chocolate cake.
  • I cry... From overflowing happiness.
  • I dress... How my heart tells me to dress.
  • I fantasize... Of my dreams becoming reality.
  • I feel... The overflowing love I have for my baby boy.
  • I grow... Stronger each and every day.
  • I hate... The waiting game until school's over!
  • I hide... My ego so I can understand.
  • I hug... My prince charming tight, never letting go <3
  • I like... How far I've come.
  • I listen... To a clearer perspective.
  • I lose... The limitations I put upon myself.
  • I love... My friends, family, and my son most of all.
  • I shrink... At the thought of the person I once was.
  • I talk... With the confidence of a dedicated woman.
  • I taste... The fresh air of autumn.
jun 25 2016 ∞
nov 7 2016 +