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“The flower that blooms in adversity is the most rare and beautiful of them all.”

Open to roaming travelers. c:

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"Turret Song"

  • "Cara bella, cara mia bella!
  • Mia bambina, o ciel!
  • Ché la stimo...
  • Ché la stimo.
  • O cara mia, addio!
  • La mia bambina cara,
  • perché non passi lontana?
  • Sì, lontana da Scïenza,
  • Cara, cara mia bambina?
  • Ah, mia bella!
  • Ah, mia cara!
  • Ah, mia cara!
  • Ah, mia bambina!
  • O cara, cara mia..."


  • "Dear beautiful, my beautiful darling!
  • My child, oh Chell!
  • For I hold her in esteem...
  • For I hold her in esteem.
  • Farewell to my dear!
  • My dear girl,
  • why do you not walk away?
  • Yes, away from Science,
  • My dear, my dear girl?
  • Ah, my beautiful!
  • Ah, my dear!
  • Ah, my dear!
  • Ah, my child!
  • Oh dear, my dear..."

A Cappella

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