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!! Please note that if I follow you through my private and it makes you uncomfortable for any reason, you can always block the account so I know not to bother you !!

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Kin/ID list in order of strength:

✮ I am only pacifist-route Frisk! I have no memories of any other route or timeline that could involve the hurting of monsters.

✮✮ I am only one of the “enemy” Octolings from Octo Valley of Splatoon 1. I have no relation to any others, such as Agent 8 or sanitized octolings.

I may choose to refer to these as myself (I, me) rather than calling them by their character name when posting kin related things, since speaking in third-person makes me feel kind of weird...

That said, if you can’t tell which kin or world I’m posting about, feel free to just ask, I don’t mind!

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