• I use this twitter account as relief from stress, and to hide my issues from others.
  • I tend to rant about my past a lot on here, among other things that could be upsetting to read. (Anything potentially triggering will have a warning added at the top!)
  • I can vent on a topic for a long time so I’m ok with being muted occasionally, especially if it’s something heavy. Usually it’s just on my everyday life though.
  • I can get suicidal on here sometimes, but it’s rare and I’m usually, if not always, safe, or am just posting about it to get it off of my chest rather than as a cry for help. (basically don't worry too much about me, I’m usually just emotional at most.)
  • My posts here aren't always negative though. I've also used this account to talk about series spoilers, characters I like/dislike, kin talk, shitposting, just whatever's on my mind.
  • I also come here to spam about my special interests (at least, more here than I already do on main)
  • If you see tons of posts in my likes, those are fave popular retweets from my main! I use this account to save posts that I really like or don’t want to disappear, mostly either funny stuff or cool art. All of these posts are from anything liked or retweeted solely from my own main account, so don’t worry, I’m not going through others’ stuff or anything.
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