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!! Please note that if I follow you through my private and it makes you uncomfortable for any reason, you can always block the account so I know not to bother you !!

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  • I use this twitter account as relief from stress, and to hide my issues from others.
  • I tend to rant about my past a lot on here, among other things that could be upsetting to read. (Anything potentially triggering will have a warning added!)
  • I can get suicidal on here sometimes, but I’m usually, if not always, safe, or am just posting about it to get it off of my chest rather than as a cry for help. (basically don't worry too much about me, I’m usually just emotional at most.)
  • My posts here aren't always negative though. I've also used this account to talk about series spoilers, characters I like/dislike, kin talk, shitposting, just whatever's on my mind.
  • I also sometimes come here to spam about my special interests, because I fear that I’ll appear as annoying to my main followers and they’ll end up muting me out ;;;
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