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    • tomorrow holds such better days
    • things take time, be patient
    • your mental health is more important than your grades
    • don't be afraid of positivity
    • you will never regret being kind
    • believe in yourself a little more
    • celebrate every tiny victory
    • take chances
    • a good head and a good heart are always a formidable combination
    • the only limits in your life are the ones you make
    • look closely, the beautiful may be small
    • if you haven't found it yet, keep looking, do not settle
    • life's too short to even care about what others think
    • everything you are running away from is in your head
mar 2 2016 ∞
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    • adorável, alteridade, andrômeda, aurora, autêntico
    • beleza, boreal
    • catarse, caos, chiclete, consciência, cósmico, crepúsculo
    • despertar, dialética, dialógica
    • efêmero, empatia, epifania, estações, estrela, exemplo, êxtase, extraordinário
    • fascinante, fenômeno, filosofia, fim
    • inadmissível
    • lástima, lua
    • maravilhosa, misericórdia
    • província
    • resiliência, responsabilidade
    • sensação, sentir, sereia, sol, sorriso, soslaio, sutil, sucinta
    • temporário, tênue, tristeza
    • vênus, vocábulo
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nov 1 2017 +
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    • don't think about the things you have to do
    • don't talk to your family
    • go make some tea
    • go take a shower
    • put on pajamas
    • watch romantic comedy, animations or 80's/90's movies
    • read a book
    • talk to a friend if you feel the need to
    • take a nap
    • eat some candy
    • play with your animals
    • miniature space
    • we heart it
    • spbvideos
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aug 27 2017 +
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    • adronitis: a frustração pelo tempo que se leva para conhecer alguém
    • aimonomia: o medo de aprender o nome de algo ou alguém e arruinar todo o mistério criado por trás disso.
    • ambedo: um tipo de transe melancólico no qual você se torna completamente imerso aos detalhes sensoriais ao seu redor.
    • amor fati: do latim "amor ao destino". aceitação integral da vida e do destino humano mesmo em seus aspectos mais cruéis e dolorosos.
    • anagapesis: já não sentir qualquer afeição por alguém que você amou uma vez.
    • anemoia: sentir nostalgia por uma época que você nunca viveu
    • ecstatic shock: a onda de energia que surge ao olhar de relance para alguém que você gosta.
    • ellipsism: a tristeza de saber que não irá viver para ver o futuro.
may 2 2017 ∞
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    • watching tv after school
    • playing on my garden after a rainy day
    • listening to old songs with my parents and my cousin
    • decorating our house for christmas with my cousin
    • going downtown with my cousin and my mom on christmas time
    • going to my aunt's house in another city
    • trips to RS with my parents
    • watching harry potter with my cousin
    • playing with M. my first best friend
    • my english teacher from elementary school
    • first day of high school
    • staying up late with J.
    • afternoons with N. at the park
    • those summer breezes
    • the good relationship that i had with my grandma
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jul 30 2017 +
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  • before midnight
    • "like sunlight, sunset, we appear, we disappear. we are so important to some, but we are just passing through."
    • "i fucked up my whole life because of the way you sing."
    • celine: "you know what? the only time i get to think now is when i take a shit at the office. i'm starting to associate thoughts with the smell of shit." jesse: "that is a good line. i'm gonna use that in a book some day." celine: "i'm sure you will. and that'll be the best line in the book."
    • "still there. still there. still there. gone."
    • celine: "now i know why sylvia plath put her head in a toaster!" jesse: "it was an oven."
    • "the world is fucked by unemotional, rati...
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