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this is just where i list information about my oc's personalities and stuff. i'm too lazy to sort them all out lol

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  • Avi is good at quickly forming bonds with others.
  • Avi can space out in the middle of explaining something, but he's actually very naturally intellectual, especially in the things that go deeper than the surface.
  • Avi hopes to heal and let go of their fears.
  • Avi's charmingly childish spirit has him being great with kids.
  • Avi internalizes their anger, taking it out on themself.
  • Avi is both seen as someone with crazy ideas and a genius.
  • Avi doesn't think he gets mad, but he does, mostly over things he doesn't understand.
  • Speaking of Avi being great with kids, Avi does like children in general, they like hanging out with them.
  • Avi is willing to give and sacrifice his entire being to help Conan and those he loves.
  • Avi has a soft spot for his loved ones, especially his friends.
  • Avi has no trouble expressing themself, which can be both a great and a bad thing, depending on the context.
  • Avi likes knowing that someone likes him, it just takes a while for him to notice.
  • Avi is extremely loyal and has a very big heart.
  • Avi is so scared to open up and for people to see their scars.
  • Avi is loud, and talks with a lot of emotions.
  • Avi loves it when Conan remembers and brings his Starbucks order, which is a grande strawberries and creme frappucino.
  • Avi keeps a daily journal.
  • Avi's late mother, Gloria, helped them find joy in singing.
  • Avi enjoys creative writing.
  • Avi is incredibly stylish.
  • Avi tends to lose his volume control when he gets angry.
  • Avi is firm and determined.
  • Avi likes being in charge.
  • Avi has a strong interest in film.
  • Avi holds a lot of generational trauma in him.
  • Avi feels like they need to constantly put up a mask when they're socializing with others, but the problem is that oftentimes, they don’t know who lies under the mask.
  • Avi's favorite food is brownies.
  • As a child, Avi was often told not to express his childish personality and joyful expressions by other people.
  • Avi has really beautiful hair.
  • Avi's love language is gift-giving.
  • Avi gets weirder and louder the more that you get to know him.
  • Avi's popular in school without trying.
  • Avi's career will end up becoming extremely successful and increase his reputation, whatever it ends up to be.
  • Avi is very good at escaping situations, figuratively and literally.
  • Avi and Conan are very active in activism, especially for transgender youth.
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