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this is just where i list information about my oc's personalities and stuff. i'm too lazy to sort them all out lol

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  • Conan is extremely compassionate and forgiving.
  • Conan has a hard time expressing how he feels, and can also be quite stubborn and subjective, especially in regards to trying new things.
  • Others come to Conan when they feel negative about life as he radiates such optimistic energy.
  • Conan has a lot of vivid dreams and nightmares, which gives him a very chaotic sleeping pattern.
  • Conan is very devoted, passionate and loyal.
  • Freedom is the most important thing in the world to Conan.
  • Conan gets mad whenever Avi is threatened.
  • Conan is highly imaginative.
  • Conan often feels like everyone disappears in the moment he truly needs someone.
  • Conan is protective over his personal space.
  • Conan has a keen eye for seeing the things other people miss.
  • Conan prefers to take Avi on dates in the coziness of his own home, where they watch movies together.
  • Conan mains Kirby every time he plays Super Smash Bros.
  • Conan's favorite drink is lemonade.
  • Conan has a tendency to tell white lies.
  • Conan secretly likes it when Avi showers him with affection.
  • Conan likes to listening to podcasts and reading books.
  • Conan sometimes has dreams that predict the future, but very rarely.
  • Conan is interested in history.
  • Conan has a very strong familial bond with his siblings especially.
  • Conan has a fear of commitment, which he initially worried about before he got with Avi.
  • Conan is headstrong.
  • Conan is very tech-savvy.
  • Conan likes talking about conspiracy theories.
  • Conan does not like depending on others.
  • Conan feels like his parents are always disappointed in him no matter how hard he tries.
  • Conan's favorite food is mashed potatoes.
  • Conan's emotions often get pushed to the side and he is forced to solve many problems thrown at him by other people.
  • Conan is really good in bed.
  • Conan's love language is gift-giving.
  • Conan likes being with friends more than being alone.
  • Conan is seen as put together and hardworking.
  • Conan has a very calm aura.
  • Conan is very bright in terms of intelligence.
  • When Conan was crushing on Avi, he was very reclusive towards him because he was still in denial and very closeted.
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