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i got too many pages

nicki follows:
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  • azur lane: 134748975 (lexington)
  • bang dream: 2493826 (profile)
  • fate grand order: 258 534 958
  • fire emblem heroes: 4879475188
  • granblue fantasy: my ssr character list
  • princess connect: 769 697 352

i bounce around these games a lot since i'm a casual player. i don't really "go hard" on any of them. i just like to do events for my favorite characters and collect what i can! cute anime girls are life.

  • i used to play the iM@S rhythm games (starlight stage and million theater), but i'm inactive in both. i rarely play them anymore unless there's an event card i really like. i still love kirari tho!!
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jan 9 2019 +