i’m an intersectional radical feminist 🇸🇾 ☭ who prioritizes the people of the global south (including eastern europe) as well as people of color in the western world.

intp 5w6 549 sp/sx ☉ gemini ☾ aquarius ↑ virgo

melancholic-phlegmatic + chaotic good

jan 22 2023 ∞
feb 4 2023 +

no doubles selphie tilmitt, prompto argentum rebecca chambers, claire redfield, d.va

+ kazutora hanemiya, asa mitaka lol i have others that aren’t as important but these are my main identity attachments

jan 20 2023 ∞
feb 8 2023 +

i talk about the arabization/islamification of the levant and its indigenous (including jewish/arab) , graeco-roman, and indo-iranian history and culture as well as the turkification of anatolia (greece, syria, and armenia) .

my paternal grandmother’s a syrian turkmen (turkified/arabized) with kavkazi (georgian) roots so i’m currently learning about the history and culture (although, i’m not fully comfortable with claiming it as apart of my core identity yet due to not growing up with it) .

if i ever SOFTBLOCK you, it’s nothing personal so you’re always free to request me again! although, i’m NOT comfortable with new people trying to request to follow me.

i’m both emotionally and romantically attached to irvine kinneas and billy coen.

this is just a heads up, but i ship rebecca chambers and billy coen for comfort purposes, although i understand that it makes some people uncomfortable due to the age gap.

nov 29 2022 ∞
feb 8 2023 +

basic criteria, anti-communism, zionist, pro-fsa, pro-ukraine, trans-exclusionary radical feminist, you support harry styles or other zionist idols, nancy ajram likers, anti-theist, edtwt

you don’t know how to critically consume media with problematic themes.

you use the term “caucasian” to describe white people.

you believe in sinophobic conspiracy theories such as “the uyghur genocide” from the likes of adrian zenz (a known antisemite) and others.

jan 24 2023 ∞
feb 8 2023 +