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my name is luke/ash, im a 17 yr old who loves horror movies/film in general, energy drinks, and vidya games. this is an extensive list of stuff about me ^__^

luke follows:

sup im lucas!!!! but you can call me luke or ash! i am a midwestern trans dude with adhd who loves men (specifically my boyfriend <3), slasher movies, energy drinks, and ps2/xbox games.... plus alot more stuff. i really like to draw & my non media interests consist of true crime, cryptozoology, haunted/paranormal stuff, the 80's-mid 2000's, war history, old web stuff, clowns, toys/furbies, medical stuff, nd anthro animals. my favorite actors are bill paxton, bill moseley, bruce campbell, and kurt russell.

feel free to message me anytime, im always open to making new friends!! but just a psa im anti-mogai, an ace exclusionist, and think you need dysphoria to be trans so yah

jan 9 2019 ∞
jan 17 2019 +