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☆彡 slop artist, animal paparazzo, people watcher

"ah, that's tough. 'crumb crisp coating'." ┈ orson welles

  • a paperback copy of "smirnoff for the soul" by yakov smirnoff
  • plastic frog band that plays a song when a button is pushed
  • a cd player left on & playing an eminem cd
  • giant pink floyd sticker stuck along with family pictures on a bulletin board
  • a t-shirt that says "vegas!" underneath a black & white picture of the guys in the hangover. (i had glanced at it and briefly tried to figure out what band it could of been before i realized i was looking at zach galifianakis)

i am a housekeeper at a couple nursing homes on the campus of a rehab facility for seniors.

sep 26 2020 ∞
feb 13 2021 +