toyhouse stuff i need to do


  • nate's coworkers @ the café [not started]
  • maribel pastel [nate's older sister; not started]
  • diana jensen [chris & peter's mom; not started]
  • simon jensen [chris & peter's dad; not started]
  • luke jensen [will not reveal yet ,':); not started]

caesar & the goddess

  • cecilia [sun goddess; not started]
  • amaris [moon goddess; not started]
  • jessie nguyen [caesar's classmate; not started]

alternate universes [★ = active; ☆ = inactive]

  • bnha au ☆
  • main au w/ kris
  • tokyo ghoul au
    • playlist
    • chris and peter are vigilante ghouls based in manchester who sell the remains of the city's most wanted criminals on the dark web. after frederique escapes from paris, the brothers happen to grant the fellow ghoul asylum. peter and frederique become bonnie and clyde. nathan is human. angst insues. [occurs inbetween the events of tokyo ghoul and tokyo ghoul:re.]
mar 18 2018 ∞
feb 21 2019 +