• 01 ♡ grannie betties, started fullmetal alchemist: brotherhood (atm i'm only watching eps i've seen before), there was a spider in the car and i shat myself, finished crazy rich asians, so late to bed
  • 02 ♡ shower in the morning, adams (he's adorable) dance show - "the grinch", there was a really #relatable moment from the grinch, suncity, khalid, finally watched the finale of ahs: apocalpyse (it was okay?), excited to see charis and kayley tomorrow, couldn't sleep
  • 03 ♡ so tired, day went by really fast, free with kayley - marvel & grimm discussions, lunch w/ charis & kayley - making plans for seeing spider-man: into the spider-verse, free with charis - messing around looking at books in the library, walked home with chairs & kayley, productive, such a late night
  • 04 ♡ we all slept in so mum called the school saying we had 'doctor's appointments', missed chemistry, not liking my pants, physics was boring (we just measured our eyeballs), my textbooks came from amazon, was gonna make notes but eh, fma: brotherhood
  • 05 ♡ muji package came, so tired, missed reg, just did calculations in chemistry, uk commentary youtubers (lads lads lads), the camp cast, late night
  • 06 ♡ so tired, spotify wrapped 2018, lunch w/ charis and kayley in media room, free with charis and kayley - naming american states (it was hilarious lmao), really late shower
  • 07 ♡ made a page of physics notes in free, i don't like mr mcmenzie, avengers trailer came out at lunch time so i watched it with kayley, tombow black brush pens came, really late night - 4am
  • 08 ♡ woke up at 11, happy hour podcast, really unproductive day, need to work harder tomorrow, fma: brotherhood, couldn't sleep
  • 09 ♡ didn't do anything all day, finished fma: brotherhood - part 1, maes' death was sad, no food in the house, really late night, started code geass: lelouch of the rebellion
  • 10 ♡ was quite productive for my standards, went back to mamas at lunch time, didn't go into maths - i hope i'm not in trouble :/, uncle chris got me work experience, code geass episode 4, first time lelouch is zero and he's so flamboyant i love it, brazil, decklan mckenna
  • 11 ♡ hate my outfit, felt really productive in chemistry, cold, dimash kudaibergen, found him through the vocal coach reactor 'sam johnson', his s.o.s performance is beautiful and took my breath away.
  • 12 ♡ late to school, chemistry was okay because i read ahead, liking my outfit, dimash, did nothing all afternoon/evening,
dec 6 2018 ∞
dec 12 2018 +